animated GIF showing two sides of a 6-foot ceramic sculpture of abstract female

Artist Statement

This is a female figure. There is a waist. There are ample hips. More importantly there is attitude. She is in a stance of defiance. One of power. It says here I am. I am a woman. This is my body. And I come from the earth, from clay, I’ve been hewn from rock. She’s standing up tall, like a mountain. She’s strong. She’s bold. She’s pointing the way.

Creative Process

The sculpture was hand built from 800 lb. of clay. The final size is about 6 feet high, 3 feet wide at the base. The body was sculpted in five separate parts which were then hollowed out, fired in a kiln and assembled. Plaster was used to bind and refine the body shape; other parts were chipped away by hand chisel. The creation of the sculpture was largely an intuitive process where I tried to be open to the creative possibilities in every decision.

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Figurative Sculpture

Ellen Scobie is figurative sculptor and mixed media artist based in Vancouver, Canada.