Ellen Scobie


Ellen Scobie


“Awash”, 2008, Digital Photomontage, Dimensions Variable, Made-to-Order, Edition of 10 + 1 A/P

mixed media art with rock texture, digital mixed media, grey, silver, ochre abstract artwork, mixed media, fine art photography, mixed media photo-based, mixed media digital art, mixed media digital photographs, photo-based art by Ellen Scobie

The water and rock formations of west coast terrain are digitally mined for texture. Waves wash over foreshore boulders into tidal pools. The rushing water refreshes, cleanses, and erodes in its rhythmic cycle of renewal.

I am captivated by the immediacy of digital imagery and the endless ways it can be probed, mutated and transfigured in the service of image-making. I work by combining digital photographic imagery into a composition evoking the essence of place. My art is about conveying emotion. Emotion as conjured up by memory, lived or dreamed, consciously experienced or not.

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