Demarcation Lines

Artist’s Statement

I was born on Vancouver Island and have spent most of my life on the west coast. Living here, the edges between land and sea are ever present. I am drawn to this demarcation line, a boundary between fluidity and solidity, and the flux of overlapping space between them.

Wherever I go I collect images with my camera. I then extract discrete pixel shapes from the photographs that I use as building blocks in my montage compositions. I’m intrigued by the idea of capturing digital artifacts of the material world which I destroy and then reconfigure into something new.

Referencing the tradition of 19th-century Romantic landscape painters, I infuse my compositions with emotional sentiment while constructing a wholly artificial scene. These imaginative utopias allow me great freedom to imagine new spaces.

I work with a painterly sensibility incorporating sweeping gestures, intricate detail and luscious colour. The image takes shape as I intuitively layer and merge photographic fragments together in a constant search for a glimpse of the sublime.

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