Ellen Scobie


Big Pants

Artist Statement

This is a female figure. There is a waist. There are ample hips. More importantly there is attitude. She is in a stance of defiance. One of power. It says here I am. I am a woman. This is my body. And I come from the earth, from clay, I’ve been hewn from rock. She’s standing up tall, like a mountain. She’s strong. She’s bold. She’s pointing the way.

Terracotta, 2018, 6 feet high x 3 feet wide at base
Commissioned by Omer Arbel architects for Herschel Supply Company

Ellen Scobie would like to thank Geemon Xin Meng for technical support and Keith Rice-Jones for firing the sculpture.

On view at Herschel Supply Company, 347 Water Street, Vancouver, BC.