• abstract painting by ellen scobie, orange, white, diagonal, nature inspired

    Overflow - Mixed media painting, 30x40 inches

  • printmaking: digital aqueous inkjet print with acrylic paint glazing. Mixed media painting by ellen scobie,mixed media (photography and acrylic paint) abstract art

    See Me for Who I Am

  • digital fine art printmaking by ellen scobie

    Pink Chasm

  • pink garden abstract landscape, landscape collection, impressionist fine art, digital mixed media print of garden of pink flowers by ellen scobie

    Pink Garden

  • floral mixed media painting in purple, violet and yellow

    Love is in the Air

  • abstract garden image in red, orange, violet, and pink

    Red Garden II

  • Fine art printmaking, digital aqueous inkjet print, delicate colours and textures of rose petals

    Conversation in the Garden I

  • conversation-in-the-garden-II-ellen-scobie-landscape-printmaking

    Conversation in the Garden II