Ellen Scobie

A Million Little Things

Artwork by Ellen Scobie placed in set decoration of A Million Little Things, an ABC/Kapital Entertainment Production.

digital painting

I started working with the set decorators last year on Season 1 of A Million Little Things. Shot here in Vancouver, the story follows a group of friends through the intersecting events in their lives.

Season 2 debuted September 26, 2019 on ABC. Watch it in Canada on Thursday night at 9pm on CityTV.

Here are some of the scenes with my art on this season’s first episode. A good portion of the story took place in the hospital birthing room.

Title: Weekday Interloper Orange

It is so much fun to see my art on TV! I’m like a mom watching out for her kids. Whenever I see one of mine I reach for the remote and quickly pause the broadcast so I can take a picture of the TV screen!

Title: Weekday Interloper Jewel
Title: Weekday Interloper Warm
Summer Garden series of 3 prints on wall; Geometric Square Bright in hallway.
Title: Geometric Square Bright Cherry

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